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I have recently gotten hip to the Web 2.0 world even though I have been a "connector" for sometime now.

In August 2007, I joined BrightTALK Inc, a rich media webcasting as their VP, Technology Industry. Simply put I connect tech buyers to tech marketers, media companies and associates with BrightTALK tools and services.

My former life was spend at the VNU divison of Nielsen (13 years in fact). My last role was VP, International for VNU Global Media, an international technology media sales and marketing company. I successfully secured multi-million dollar global integrated marketing campaigns, and has worked closely with companies such as Dell, Intel, and Hewlett Packard. Previously, I worked at VNU Business Publications London as a corporate sales account manager so I deeply understand the dynamics between the local marketers and their global, corporate advertising teams.

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I am active Skier in winter and train for triathlons when in warms up!